Solarec SA

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In Solarec, we work hard to bring a better life to our farmers by offering the best of the milk to the world.

Located in Belgian Ardennes, in the heart of Europe, Solarec is a key industrial & commercial entity driven by the cooperative spirit of its shareholders.

We offer the best of the milk to the world : We process 1.25 billion liters of milk, 90,000 T of milk powders, 40,000 T of butter and 200,000,000 liters of UHT milk.


  • U.H.T MILK : whole, semi-skimmed and skimmed (1L)
  • (bag 25KG or 20KG in case of BIO) : Semi-skimmed (medium heat or low heat), full cream (instant or regular)
  • (bag 25kg) buttermilk
  • BUTTER : 250gr, 10KG or 25KG : sweat, lactic, salted or not.
  • Cream 40%
  • Concentrated milk
  • AMF

Found in these Categories:


Found in these Categories: