Al Behar Group

Scaligera Packaging

Scaligera Packaging has been manufacturing sleeve packaging and palletizing systems for a wide variety of products as bottles, cans, plastic bottles, jars, pots, tubs, packets, drinks’ cans, tin cans, bags, heatshrunk, packs, bundles, cases and anything else that can be packed inside boxes and trays.

Our strong point is without a doubt the research that reveals itself in the construction of machines according to clients’ requirements, using tested technical solutions. Our technical team is made up of designers, qualified technicians, mechanics and electricians, each one with a clearly defined role in order to guarantee the high quality of his or her work.

The result is the creation of systems which are outstanding in their positive reliability and practicality of use, and because they deliver the performance promised. The customer service is always active. Contact the internal marketing office for some of our many references.

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