29 - 31 May 2022

Egypt International Exhibition Center

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United for Advanced Supplies

15 Al Tabeer Street, Ibn Sendar, Zeitoun, Heli. CairoCairoCairo Governorate11712

Founded in 2017 in marking & coding solutions field, so we supply inkjet printers for expiry, product info by using various technologies, inkjet, high resolution, handhelds and laser to fit all possible materials with high productivity & low costs, also we sell barcode printers and stickers in all required sizes, we can supply all conveyers and shrink ovens related to production lines. Also, our maintenance team can cover all   governorates, industrial zones with the availability of all spare parts. Finally, we had achieved to access more than 1200 factory, we strive to move forward with technological progress, offering the best services. 


  • Ink Jet Printers ( EC-JET )
  • Barcode Printers ( Zebra )
  • Shrink Oven & Conveyors  

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