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GEA Pasta, Extrusion and Milling Technologies

via Monte Grappa, 8 – 35015 Galliera Veneta (PD)

Through the business unit Pasta, Extrusion and Milling Technologies, GEA offers the widest range of solutions for the production of all types of dry and fresh pasta, extruded snacks, breakfast cereals and dry petfood. It provides also dies, cutting systems, die washing equipment, packaging lines and handling and storage systems for raw materials and finished products.To complete the production chain, the business unit designs, manufactures and installsmilling plants of all sizes and capacities for wheat, durum, maize and other cereals.


  • Processing lines for pasta
  • Snacks
  • Breakfast cereals
  • Dry petfood
  • Packaging lines
  • Dies&moulds
  • Milling equipment.