Food Manufacturing Sector in Africa

Our unique report  takes a close look at Food Manufacturing in Egypt and Africa.


The food sector currently stands as a vital and key component of the African economy. It depicts a sufficiently large market depth along with compelling market dynamics that are expected to support continued interest by current and potential investors in tapping the African opportunity over the long-term.

From a demand perspective, total food consumption in Africa is estimated at around $423bn in 2015 or 16% of GDP, and is expected to grow at an annual rate of 8% over the next 5 years.

Geographically, a limited number of countries currently account for the bulk of the food demand, with the 5 largest markets accounting for 60% of the total. Nigeria and Egypt lead with a market size of $60bn each, followed by South Africa at $39bn. Smaller markets like Sudan, Angola, Cameroon and Uganda are depicting the fastest growth rates, with high double-digits.

The Food Manufacturing Sector in Egypt

Investment in Egypt’s food and drink sector is increasing. Both local and multinational companies have recognised the significant opportunities presented by a large domestic consumer market, a strategic geographical location at the heart of the Middle East and Africa and a plentiful and cost-effective labour force.

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