02 - 04 August 2021

Egypt International Exhibition Center


Atef W. Idriss

Chairman of MEFOSA

With a vast experience in the food industry in the Arab region, Atef is board member of Widriss Holdings, and is the Founding President of SLFI (Syndicate of Food Industries), LAMA (Association of Marketing and Advertising), LAFST (Association of Food Scientists and Technologists), and LAND (ASSOCIATION OF Nutrition and Development).

Atef worked as a consultant with UNIDO, WHO, ESCWA, USAID, EUROMED, ILO and he served as a board member of ELCIM.

Dr. Tarek A. Sheta

Food Processing Expert

Dr. Tarek Sheta is a food processing expert with 20+ years’ experience in production, quality control, supply chain and research and development. He has a Track-record in successfully commercializing R&D activities and initiatives and is skilled in quality and food safety management systems, quality auditing, GMP evaluations, HACCP programs, environmental management systems, recall procedures, staff training, capacity planning, and project management. Tarek is also Proficient in the development of analytical procedures, validation processes and QA and Food Safety management systems. 

  • Talk Day 1, August 2nd
  • Talk Day 3, August 4th - "Block Chain across the Food Cycle"

Dr. Mokhtar Harb

Senior Expector & Expert at NFSA

Dr. Mokhtar is an Expert and Consultant specialized in Food Quality and Safety. He is a Researcher in Food Technology Research Institute & National Food Safety Authority (Egypt). He is also a Senior Inspector and Expert in the National Food Safety Authority (NFSA) Egypt and a certified SGS food auditor and inspector. Dr. Mokhtar implemented the National Project for School Children Feeding Program” – Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Egypt, and “Improving household food and nutrition security in Egypt, with a focus on women and young people” in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

Amany Basiuny

Professor and Head of the Biochemistry Department

Dr Amany Basiuny is a Professor and Head of the Biochemistry Department, Faculty of Agricultural and is also a Supervisor of Nutrition Department at the National Institute of Gerontology, Beni-Suef University.  She has submitted & published several papers in the field of biochemistry, nutrition, antioxidants, Bioactive components, olive oil, and oils & fats published in international journal. Amany is also Supervising many MSc. and Ph.D. theses. 

  • Talk Day 2, August 3rd - "Risk Based Food Control Systems"
  • Talk Day 1, August 2nd - "Olein Extract in Ostrich Oil"

Dr. Marc Bou Zeidan

Agricultural Engineer, PhD in Food Microbiology and Biotechnology

Dr. Marc is an Associate Professor at the School of Engineering at USEK, Lebanon. Instructor of BS and MS courses related to the Food Industry including Waste Management, Food processing, Food products development and innovation, Author of 6 peer reviewed scientific articles – Consultant for industrials for Quality, research and development solutions, and for NGOs for projects related to training on Sustainable Food production 

Dr. Thoraya Attia

Food Safety & public health expert - Tunisia

Dr. Thouraya is a physician who has been always working on preventive medicine. She occupied the head of regional then national service of public hygiene and director of the food safety department at ANCSEP. She joined the National Observatory for new and emerging diseases (ONMNE). She is president of an accreditation committee on food labs (TUNAC, national accreditation body); Associate researcher at the Pasteur Institute of Tunis. She was president of a scientific association on food safety for the Maghreb -AMSSA. 

  • Talk Day 2, August 3rd - "Valorization of Food Industries Wastes into Sustainable Food Products: a case study on Dairy and Brewing Industries"
  • Talk Day 3, August  4th - "Understanding & Elimination of Food Hazards"

Ashraf El Gazayerli

Chairman of the Chamber of Food Industries

Ashraf is the Chairman of the Egyptian Chamber of Food Industries, leading change and
helping local and multinational businesses to grow in Egypt. He’s Also a Board
Member of Alexandria chamber of Commerce, Vice Chairman of the Egyptian Food
Export Council, Board Member of the French- Egyptian Presidential Business
Council, Former Chairman and current Member of the Board of Trustees of the
Egyptian Junior Business Association. 

He has a wealth of 25 years of experience in the FMCG world and earned his bachelor’s
degree in Industrial Engineering from Alexandria University in 1994 and Masters
in Business Administration in 2000.

Dr. Hussein Mansour

Chairman of Egyptian National Food Safety Assocition

Dr. Hussein Mansour is the chairman of the Board of directors of
National Food Safety Authority that established in Egypt since 2017. He
served as the Agricultural Minister Plenipotentiary & Head of the
Agricultural Office at the Embassy of Egypt in Washington, DC. for 6 years.
Dr.  Mansour has over 40 years of experience as an agricultural
Scientist, former Dean of Agriculture College at Ain Shams University,
Research Management Coordinator, and Educator in Egyptian and Middle Eastern
institutions (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria and UAE).

  • Talk: Day 1, August 2nd - "The Egyptian food manufactruing industry"
  • Talk: Day 1, August 2nd

Ahmed Gaber

Chairman of Egyptian Chamber of Printing & Packaging Industries

Mr. Ahmed is Chairman of the Chamber of Printing and Packaging Industries, Vice Chairman of Export Council Printing, Packaging, Paper, Literary and Artistic Works. Also he is a member in Cooperation Committee with Africa in FEI and a board member in IMC. 

Eng. Hanie El Desouki

Chairman of EGAC

Eng. Hanie El Desouki is the Executive Director of the Egyptian Accreditation Council, and the vice Chairman of the African Accreditation Cooperation, and was the Chairman of the National Quality Institute.

He is a certified International Auditor in Quality Systems ISO 9001, a certified International Auditor in Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001, a certified International Auditor in Occupational Safety and Health Systems OHSAS 18001, a certified International Auditor in Energy Efficiency Systems ISO 5000. Eng. Hanie is also a Certified Quality Manager, Quality Management Representative and Quality Auditor.

  • Talk: Day 1, August 2nd - "The Egyptian F&B packaging industry"
  • Talk: Day 1, August 2nd - "The Egyptian food manufcaturing exports"

Eng. Mohamed Choukri

Board Member CFI & Trsutess Board member - NFSA

Eng. Mohamed is a board member of Trustees of the National Food Safety Authority, and the former President of the Chamber of Food Industries.

He also holds the positions of Vice Chairman of the Chamber's of food industries, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Misr Company for Food Products (MIFAD).

Dr. Assem Mohamed

Associate Professor, Central Laboratory for Agricultural Climate

Dr. Assem is an economic analyst with good experience in agricultural economics studies, socio- economic studies, climate change studies, agricultural policy, agro-biodiversity and ecosystem services. 

He has a Bachelor in Agr. Economics, Ain Shams University, Masters in Agr. Economics, and PhD. in Agr. Economics from Ain Shams University. 

He won the North-South Prize of the Council of Europe from the Network of Mediterranean Experts on Climate and Environmental Change (MedECC) of the Union for the Mediterranean.

  • Talk day 1, August 2nd - "Economic Production of Keitt Mango Under Protected and Open Field Conditions"

Dr. Mohamed Wageih

Project Officer for Agrofood Value Chain at PRIMA

Dr. Mohamed is PRIMA Project Officer for Agrofood Value Chain. Before joining PRIMA
in 2018; he was working as a Director of Observatory of Business Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship at a private university and a Project Manager in Academy of Scientific Research and Technology in Egypt. Over 10 years (2008-2018). 
Currently at PRIMA Secretariat in Barcelona, he is monitoring the implementation of Agrofood funded projects as well as the development of PRIMA Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Platform (PRIMA MEL). Also, he developed PRIMA Intelligent Analytical tool so PRIMA 19 Participating States can monitor its annual performance.

Fidele El Achkar

Food Safety consultant & Lead Auditor

Fidele is a Lebanese Food Safety consultant & Lead Auditor. She is the founder & CEO of FoodSight SAL, a consultancy services platform that empowers food businesses to simplify all their food industry activities, 

Also she holds a Master’s Degree focused in Food Technology and a BS in Biochemistry from the Lebanese University. She is currently a member in multiple professional clubs & associations such as: LLWB-the Lebanese League for Women in Business, LAFST-Lebanese Association of Food Scientists & Technologists.

  • Talk day 1, August 2nd - "EU-PRIMA Actions: Achieving Traceability and Authenticity Control of Traditional Mediterranean Foods"
  • Talk day 2, August 3rd - "Lebanese Food Industry Challenges, Food Safety Governance & Promising Private Inititatives"

Shereen Mosallam

Operational Excellence Speaker and Coach

Shereen is Operational Excellence, MBB, SCOR, Digitalization, Analytics, Industry 4.0, Speaker and Coach. She is certified from Columbia business school, Digital Strategies for Business: Leading the Next Generation Enterprise Digitalization and Industry 4.0 Readiness Consultant. Also, she is experienced in Supply Chain and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. 

She holds a Master of Business Administration - MBA focused on Business Administration, Management and Operations from the American University in Cairo.

Darren Fisher

Business Consultant

Darren have held Sales and Service management positions in several companies, supplying solutions to customers in different industries, including Aerospace, Automotive, Facilities Management and Food & Drink.

He worked previously with the directors of SG Systems Global, I was asked to assist them with their plans to expand the reach of their V5 Traceability solution around the globe.

  • Talk day 2, August 3rd - "Digital Supply Chain"
  • Talk day 2, August 3rd - "SG Systems V5 Traceability "

Dr. Bashir Abi Salloum

Agricultural Engineer and Professor at Lebanese German University

Eng. Bashir is agricultural Engineer who has a PHD in Animal Physiology and Post Doc. from University of Michigan Ann Arbor.

He is currently a partime Professor for several topics in Biology and Food Sciences at Balamand University, Lebanese University, LIU and Lebanese German University.

Mariam Eid

Head of Agro Industries Department in the Ministry of Agriculture - Lebanon

Ms. Mariam is a food Technology Engineer and the Head of Agro Industries Department at the Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture since 2004.

Also she is a member of Lebanese National food Safety Committee, INFOSAN Emergency Contact Point, a member of Arab Food Safey Team ATF, and the Vice Chair of the Codex Alimentarius Commission.

  • Talk day 2, August 3rd - "Bio Conversion of Organic Foods into Animal Feed - Sustainable Sources of Protein"
  • Talk day 2, August 3rd - "Risk communication during food crises – the role of the media"

Dr. Moawiya A. Haddad

Associate Professor in Nutrition and Food Technology

Dr. Moawiya A. Haddad is an associate professor, and food scientist holding his PhD in nutrition and food technology in the field of food safety& functional food. His experience was extended for more than twenty years. His work was concentrated on food product development and shelf life extension of fermented dairy products.

He was appointed at Al-Balqa Applied University (BAU) since 2003. At Sep 2018, Dr. Moawiya was appointed as a head of the department of nutrition and food processing. He is the team leader of sensory evaluation of olive oil in Jordan and a panel leader recognized by IOC. 

Dr. Mamdouh Issa

CEO of Ahdo Company

Dr. Mamdouh is the Managing Director of AHDO Company, Food Health and Safety Consultant & an International Lecturer accredited from the United Kingdom for all food safety and computer qualifications in manufacturing, catering, and retail.

He holds a Masters Degree in food safety and quality assurance from Cairo University, and has conducted his postgraduate studies at the University of Florence, Italy, on the philosophy of laws governing food safety European.

  • Talk day 2, August 3rd - "Food Safety Regulations & Harmonization"
  • Talk day 2, August 3rd - "Food Safety & Sustainable Development"

Dr. Fatme Al Anouti

Associate Professor at Zayed University

Dr. Fatme is an Associate Professor at Zayed University Department of Natural Science and Public Health, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. She was the former Assistant Dean of the College of Natural and Health Sciences from 2016-2020. She holds a PhD degree
in Molecular Biochemistry, MSc in Clinical Chemistry and another in Medical
Microbiology and Immunology.  She is the co-chair of the Undergraduate
Research Scholar Program URSP and a strong supporter of student research.

Her current research investigates the biochemical and genetic basis of Vitamin D Deficiency among UAE nationals and its link with other diseases like diabetes and osteoporosis. 

Dr. Amona Yousif

Food Safety Expert

Dr. Amona is a Food Safety Expert who has a bachelor in Veterinary Medicine. She currently works as an independent consultant in food safety and public health. Dr. Amona is a professional in mass training designing where her current focus is promoting food safety, public health and occupational health and safety. During her career, she has participated in the design of campaigns to promote food safety and food safety culture targeting both local community and industry through collaborations with Dubai Municipality and various food industry leaders in the UAE. The training, conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic, covered over 10,000 candidates.  She brings over 10 years’ experience in public health, food safety, AMR, training and capacity building projects, epidemiology in both domestic and international settings like UNIMIS, FAO and UN agencies.

  • Talk day 3, August 4th - "Food Security Status in the UAE: The Level of Awareness Among the Public"
  • Talk day 3, August 4th - "Data & Technology Role in Enhancing Food & Ingredients Journey"

Dr. Iman El Borolos

Food Safety Auditor & Consultant

Dr. Iman holds a master’s degree in microbiology and has experience in conducting ISO trainings: ISO 22000:2018, ISO 9001:2015

She is currently a Food Safety Consultant at Morefromfood, Slovenia, Europe and Food Safety and Infection Control Auditor at TUV Nord Egypt.



Eyad Ibrahim

Quality Manager for Public Health Department at Sharjah Municipality

Eyad is Quality Manager for the Public Health Department in Sharjah municipality and he is responsible for the quality systems: Management quality system, Risk management system:31000, Inspection organizations system:17020, Complaints management system:10001, Occupational Health and Safety System, and Strategic Transformation System.

  • Talk day 3, August 4th - "Iso 22000"
  • Talk day 3, August 4th - "Documentation & Inspection of Food Imports to the UAE"